Marriage In Excellence!

I'm Letting Go, And I'm Letting God!

Marriage In Excellence Ministry

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This ministry is open to all members of the mount who are married or engaged with a ring and a date and have spoken with Pastor Thomas.

We meet the fourth Saturday of each month from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Leading And Facilitating!

Minister Norris King Jr.
Sis. Barbara King

Maintenance on our marriages is just as important as maintenance on a car. When you do not keep up the car maintenance you may end up with a broke down car. This can happen when you approach marriage the same way. This ministry is not to pry in your business our engage in a "tell-all". Instead, join us as we focus on getting the most out of our marriages with Christ as the head! 

Goals & Objectives

  • To support and encourage Christian marriages
  • To build and strengthen marriages through biblical teaching
  • To fellowship with other Christian couples through prayer, teaching, and testimony
  • To help couples grow spiritually
  • To encourage couples to pray together
  • To enhance romance by fellowshipping at social events and outings

Marriage In Excellence Conference

Join us at our dynamic marriage conference, led by renowned psychologist Dr. Jeshana Avent-Johnson, Psy.D. Designed to reignite the spark in your relationship, this event offers interactive sessions, workshops, and inspiring discussions. Gain practical tools to improve communication, deepen understanding, and foster emotional intimacy. Dr. Avent-Johnson will share evidence-based strategies to help couples navigate challenges and enhance connection. This empowering conference is your opportunity to transform your marriage and live a more fulfilling life together. Experience the change and start your journey to a stronger, happier partnership.

Conference Facilitator

Dr. Jeshana Avent-Johnson, Psy.D,

Dr. Jeshana Avent-Johnson, Psy.D, the visionary behind The Intimacy Seminars™ and Psychological Services, established her private practice in Southern California. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, she brings a wealth of expertise to her work. Dr. Johnson also holds certifications as a trauma yoga instructor and serves as a professor at a prestigious Los Angeles university. Hosting the enlightening program "Let's Get Intimate with Dr. Jeshana Johnson" on KBLA 1580 AM Talk Radio, she reaches audiences in the vibrant Leimert Park and surrounding Los Angeles area. Dr. Avent-Johnson specializes in trauma, couples, relationship, sex, and family therapy, with a focus on serving communities of color. Her compassionate yet direct approach guides individuals, couples, and families through transformative therapeutic journeys, offering insights into personal growth and systemic dynamics. Integrating Christian faith into her therapy, she provides a holistic approach to intimacy and healing. Dr. Avent-Johnson's impactful seminars have resonated globally, spanning churches, organizations, and military contexts. Her ability to inspire action has profoundly changed lives. Educated at California State University, San Bernardino, and The California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in Alhambra, CA, Dr. Avent-Johnson is deeply committed to her community. Proudly affiliated with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., she actively contributes to community upliftment initiatives. Married to her high school sweetheart for twenty-nine years, Dr. Avent-Johnson resides locally with her supportive husband and is a proud mother to two adult children and three grandchildren who call her "mimi".